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The internet age has made finding music an easy thing. I'm not that old, but I still remember having to file through rows of rows of metal CDs, looking at each one, just trying to find something to get. CD shopping used to be an hour to two hour excursion. I'm sure I had a few employees worried that I was going to steal something, but I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss something. But now, now its a few clicks away. And with the ease of finding music, came the ease of bullshit acts putting out bullshit music to try and make a dime. And a lot of them did/have/are doing so. But, thankfully, there are some genuine acts out there that know about hard work, perseverance, and embracing the new age.

Enter Nordor. A death metal band with plenty of Satan, hatred, and pure fucking strength in their music. I'm grateful I found these Athens, Greece-based veterans. Formed in 1989, they've released demos, mini-cds and a few full lengths to their scene. And I can only hope they keep on going and make it worldwide to spread these tunes of....FUCK. That's all I could think when I first heard them. So I'm going to tell you just what that "FUCK" is all about.



After the obligatory intro, Nordor busts in with 'Memories From The Future'. Groove and speed mixed well. And I cannot get over this guitar tone. I'm sure plenty of bands have done it/it's been heard before, but it's a badass tone. It's close to the classic "buzzsaw" tone, but not exactly. They keep the momentum going throughout the entire album, throwing the occasional sweet 30 second solo, until 'Vow', the forsaking of Christ and vow to Lucifer being recited between an elder man and young child. I imagine it's a movie clip, and I need to find this movie. It fits in with the evil these Greeks pound out.

After 'Vow' it seems the band are ablaze and ready to destroy everything in their way. 'Bow to Me' is a 3 minute trip through knives that ends so perfectly, with a seamless solo slid in before an anxiety inducing ending. Closing track 'Hyenas Embrace' is a short instrumental track. Completely perfect for when you have this album on repeat, like I do.

So, Nordor have been around trading tapes the CDs and now the digital age. Undeniably, people think of Rotting Christ when they hear "Metal band from Greece". But after hearing this album, I'd put Nordor in the same breath. Here's to bigger and better thing for Nordor!! Spread the word, my friends. HAIL!!!!

Nordor's Erga Omnes can be found on Deathrune Records' Bandcamp. Support music and bands you love. Go buy this album.

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