Hey Colossus


Released on April 1st through MIE

Hey Colossus are a massive load of fun. When watching their blistering live shows, you just want to sneak up and join them and hope nobody notices. They seem to have an ever expanding roster of nerdy looking blokes who are on an underground voyage of rock experimentation armed with gizmos, gadgets and unspecified carnage at their fingertips. Their last album from 2011 RRR was an absolute master piece, taking the band from a traditional noise rock outfit (if there is such a thing) into a full blown hurricane of chaos. It delivered an intense experience which featured everything face melting doom to galaxy surfing space rock. Following it up was always going to be difficult and now teamed with Part Chimp front man Tim Cedar as their full time drummer they have nailed it with Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo and it fucking rocks!

‘Hot Grave’ starts the proceedings which is an out and out floor filler. It has a wonderful groovy beat with hypnotic guitars and the lyrics are actually distinguishable, a Hey Colossus first? There are all kinds of pleasing hooks going on in this beast of a number, whilst it’s easy to glue your brain to nasty punk rock vocals there are light kraut like synths overplayed on the top taking it to a whole new level. If it’s not one of the best songs you've heard all year I will eat a fridge.



The album from here is a little more relaxed than anything they have done before. But, what they lose in heaviness is made up for with magic. It’s an enchanting maze of warped tricks being played on your brain and it feels amazing. They have taken on a kraut rock influence and the album is reminiscent of modern psychedelic bands such as Gnod and Mugstar.

‘Leather Lake’ is a high point of the album, an epic stoner rock riff with quirky electronic noises attacking it alongside the snarling vocals. It’s a real trippy affair and nice accompaniment to what the guy on the front cover is doing. Almost sounds like Monster Magnet back in the “Spine of God” days jamming with the Butthole Surfers. ‘English Flesh’ comes next which is an exhilarating cosmic mind crusher. It’s a hypnotic, bass heavy machine with maxed out everything which smashes down every door to every room in your mind.

Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo is another step forward for one of the UK’s most interesting bands. They seem to reinvent themselves album by album which is definitely something to be admired. They have expanded on what they do really well and given it more of a psychedelic/space rock edge, how on earth could you possibly go wrong? My advice would be to listen to it, relax and let it take you to all kinds of wonderful little places.

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