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Alkerdeel. Ouch. This sounds like it was recorded under the grimiest bed in the dankest cave imaginable, which would normally be an utter turn-off for me, but it just adds to the music. I am actually enjoying listening to something that sounds like it's being projected via headphones though a paper cup. This is dark, like, dark dark. The kind of dark you only get out in the country side in the depths of winter. A kind of dark where you can't sense anything around you until it's grasping you by the throat. If thoughts of witchcraft and generally evil stuff don't spring to mind, then I think you should consult some kind of therapist.

All of that aside, this has a real driving force behind it. Drilling through skull matter kind of force. Recording quality may be a big no-no for some, but if you can handle it sounding a bit sketchy, then by all means give this a go. But don't say I didn't warn you.

Well, this side is a little different. Cleaner. Which is a plus. A Den Of Robbers definitely have the lion's share of this split, starting out with a few fast and furious belters before launching into the five minute mid-mark and ending on a couple of volatile three minute blasts. Solid knuckle-cracking sludgy grind from start to finish with a welcome change of pace set in by 'In Shades' and taking a perfect transition through to 'Peoples Temple' which might be my favourite track so far.

Less challenging on the listening front, but still exciting and invigorating. Considering I wasn't sure where to start with either of these bands, I've walked away from this record interested in hearing more and picking this up.

FFO: Dragged Into Sunlight, Primitive Man

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