Good Weather for an Airstrike began as a way to help Tom Honey cope with the effects of tinnitus, which impeded his ability to sleep. He decided to create soothing music that he felt might be able to assist in getting to sleep. There are samples of voices talking, environmental noise, piano melodies, and infinite guitars that sound like violin strings, all brought together to create gentle soundscapes with no harsh interruptions or imposing elements.

There isn’t a conventional song structure, or even a conventional album structure here. Some of the tracks are less than a minute, but still manage to capture a moment in time, with sounds that sooth and relax. Other tracks are longer, taking several minutes to gently evolve and then softly fade away again. There are no identifiable stages in each track where the song changes either beat or instrumentation, it simply grows almost intangibly into the next part of the track. It is completely fluid, without any edges, and quite serene. The final track ‘Rescue’ brings it all together in a final coda of beautiful strings, and the album leaves just as quietly as it arrived, leaving you feeling totally relaxed.

This approach will undoubtedly frustrate some listeners, but then this clearly wouldn’t be their cup of tea anyway. It’s not so much an album of songs, as it is an experience. It could almost be prescribed as treatment for sufferers of tinnitus, or indeed those who need more relaxation to aid whatever ails them. To call it ‘sleep inducing’ might sound derogatory, but it’s hard to convey just how engaging and beautiful the album is despite the fact that it is completely calming. Perhaps that says something about the powerful potential of music itself.

‘Lights’ has a genuinely worthy reason to have been created, and it’s a very good thing that it turned out to be so compelling.

Available now on Bandcamp.

Posted by Joe Purse.

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