If you haven’t come across Droids yet, it’s highly likely that you will soon. Hailing from Derry, the riff-loving quartet are barely past the fetal stage of band-life, having been together a little over a year, yet have managed to gig their asses off (including playing some of NI’s biggest festivals this summer) and release a debut EP that would put some veteran bands at the top of their game to shame.

They’ve got the riffs, they’ve got the hooks and above all they’ve got the sound. It’s tantalizingly difficult to place this little disc in any neat genre, as just when you think you’ve nailed it some little twist will smash it’s way through the chains of classification.

Sometimes they sound like the Foo’s, others they groove like Down and, occasionally, they smash your fucking ears in with an almost Black Flag-esque aggression. There’s even a slight leaning towards the industrial and a little Tool thrown in for good measure. In other words, this album has it all.

‘Astromech And Protocol’ is one of the standouts, with an unbelievably catchy opening riff that leads the way to a spiraling anthem filled with equal parts epic and awesome. The band’s songwriting is surprisingly mature, keeping the listener (that’s you!!) guessing in this intriguing yet wholly listenable slice of bombastic pie.

There’s even a little opportunity for some kind of metal hip-shaking in the bizarrely funky ‘God Doesn’t Grant A Steady Hand’ while the finale, ‘Recogniser’, floats across the ear-drums like an dreamed memory of an underwater birth before yanking the listener kicking and screaming to reality, except reality is made of riffs.

It is without a single doubt in my mind that I say these guys are ones to watch (PS: they’re epic live) and are clearly destined to do some seriously great things in the future.

Available now on Bandcamp.

Posted by Eóin Boylan.

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