There’s something of a swagger about Hearse Pileup’s music that really appeals to us here at E&D. A trio from South London who’s trademark sound stomps the line somewhere between Queens Of The Stone Age and The Stooges. So, we tracked them down & popped them some questions.

1. How long has the band been together and how did you all meet?

We’ve been around for about a year. Matt and Tony first met at 6th form and were in a band for four years, disbanded due to Uni for another four, then met up again to start a new one. Wojciech, who couldn’t pursue his beloved past-time of fox hunting after it became illegal, joined the band to attend to his other passion – drumming. Wojciech worked the same warehouse job as Tony and they and Matt quickly formed a tight power trio.

2. Where did you get your name from & what does it mean?

Hearse Pileup. Being both slightly tongue in cheek and a nice visual image, it kind of represents the ultimate bad luck – life can still be shitty after you die! Also it is kind of in reference to the idea of punk being dead. If punk is dead, then we’re zombie rock and roll!

3. Describe your sound for us & who would you say were your biggest musical influences?

Our sound is pretty raw, being influenced mainly by 70’s rock music like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, the Stooges as well as some newer music like Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, the Foo Fighters, maybe a little bit of Muse too. Matt’s usually a pretty chilled out guy, but that’s because he bottles up all his rage to be spewed out on stage!

Wojciech also has a solo project called Electrocock, and takes a lot of inspiration from Daft Punk, Vitalic, Justice, etc

4. And what about non-musical influences?

Matt is heavily involved with in his other life – a website dedicated to protecting demonstrators, so a lot of the lyrics are mildly political. We’re also influenced by having to work long, mind-fuck hours and having to deal with the general shittiness of people. Rage unites the three of us.

Pretty Shiny Things Polished Demo by Hearse Pileup

5. Music can be a fickle mistress, what is your biggest high & low as a band so far?

We’re still pretty young so the highs aren’t very high, and the lows aren’t very low. High point has to be recording our Demo at Dropout Studios in Camberwell – they use all this awesome old school equipment there. We recorded onto tape and the results really punch you in the face! Our low is probably losing a set of Zildjian cymbals at our first gig!

6. What one fact about the band do you most want to share with the world?

We’re all dying, slowly and painfully. The planet’s fucked and no-one’s acting fast enough to save us. Everyone knows that something’s wrong – we’re just trying to highlight that. Well, that and our live set – come on down, you won’t regret it!.

7. The old model of record demo-do gigs-get signed-make millions is pretty broken these days, what’s your plan to deal with this?

These days technology saves the good music. You can access all the good stuff any time through your cell phone. Soundcloud & Bandcamp and all that is the new model of it all. We’re trying our best to get word out there – Twitter seems to be helping a lot; most traditional ways of distributing your stuff are so overcrowded that people just switch off. As for making money? Well, that’d be awesome. DIY seems to be the way to go though, there isn’t enough security to being signed any more for it to be worth it with a major label.

Generation Y Demo by Hearse Pileup

8. We journalists like to use easy labels to describe bands, what’s the worst thing you’ve seen yourselves described as?

The worst thing is that we haven’t been labelled yet, this is our first piece!

9. We’re loving what you do but who’s floating your boat right now?

For a long time we found it very hard to find a lot of decent modern music. Indie doesn’t sound as good as it used to – the genre has kind of stagnated a little in our opinion. Wojciech has his own views too: ‘I absolutely hate Emo stuff; 30 stm, Paramore etc can suck my ass!’ However we love Lightning Bolt (though they’re a little old now), the Dead Weather are pretty cool. We’ve also had the great pleasure of playing with Dactyls who are doing some really cool stuff!

10. What’s up next for you guys?

Well we’re still looking to get our Demo mastered, which should be pretty soon, after which we’re hoping to do a proper release of it as our EP. We’ll get it out on Bandcamp after that. We’ve got some awesome ideas for music videos, which we’ll shoot ourselves as Matt is a film maker. Except for that we just want to put the pedal to the metal in terms of gigs as the set is now finely honed, we can guarantee a good show, all that’s missing is crashing a hearse through the wall for our stage entrance!

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