Broadcast 2000 is essentially the vehicle for multi-instrumentalist and all round talented fellow Joe Steer. With a little help from a few friends, Joe makes perfect, quirky little summer’s day tunes.

The music is essentially just acoustic guitar, a few choice strings and some beautifully layered vocals but somehow still manages to sound full and lush. Listeners may already be familiar with the catchy, plinky sound of first single ‘Get Up And Go’ from it being featured in a TV ad. Ironically, while I recognised the tune instantly, I can’t bring to mind what the ad was for, possibly a mobile phone network?

All the songs are short and to the point, none out stay their welcome (the whole EP weighs in at only around twenty something minutes for seven tracks) and all are engaging, warm and cheering. The melodies and harmonies hark back to 60’s influences, but this is a very modern sounding record.

Tracks like ‘Run’ and ‘Pep Talk’ just sound like they were as much fun to record, all in Steer’s North London flat no less, as they are to listen to.
Wait for a nice sunny Sunday afternoon, grab a Bulmers over ice, put your speakers in the garden, stick Building Blocks on the stereo and kick back and enjoy the sound of summer.

Top Tracks: ‘Get Up And Go’, ‘Run’.

Released 25/08/2008 on Gronland

Posted by Dan on July 28, 2008

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